My Maddy Cakes


This page is going to be dedicated to pictures and stories of my daughter Maddycakes and I in the outdoors together. Who knows where we will end up. ONLY TIME WILL TELL..... Below I've included some pictures and stories of Maddy and I in the outdoors.

Maddycakes at Duck Camp

Last fall when we were duck hunting, Maddy went with me to jump the ducks and flush them to the other hunters down the lake. I put her in the tules so I could crawl closer to the ducks.  She loved playing with all the weeds. At one point at a different lake I placed her about 10 feet behind me behind a rock while I hid and waited for ducks to be flushed my way. When the mallards came over I dropped two; when I turned around to get her she had a big smile....and some grass in her mouth. When she goes out with us she has a set of earmuffs that protect her hearing.

Maddycakes Duck Hunting in Okanogan, WA

Here we are at the Methow River out of Twisp, WA doing some fly fishing for Rainbows and Cut Throut. Notice the baby car seat on the opposite beach, Little Maddy taking a nap. It was a very successful day. If you ever find yourself in Twisp, WA just go to the town park and fish the river from there - you won't regret it and there are some large fish in the big hole.
Fishing the Methow River with me

I am a firm believer that children should be started very young in the wild. I was in a backpack on my Dads back when I was only 6 months old. I can't wait to watch Maddy catch her first fish and shoot her first grouse!