Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm a chicken when it comes to turkeys.

It's turkey season here in Washington, and the outdoor network of writers is a buzz with turkey talk.

I took a drive up from my house a few days before turkey season and saw one the biggest Toms of my life. It just stood there waiting for me to shoot it. Since it was not turkey season I of course let it strut into the brush with it's harem of hens.

Now that it is turkey season I have yet to buy a license. I am afraid of wasting my time chasing ghosts, I have never before gone out and actually hunted for turkeys. I know, I know its not about the kill just getting out into the outdoors is what matters.

Well I think next year will be the year. I might go out with a friend this year and watch him hunt maybe try to film it. But the turkey tag is just not in the budget this year. But I do look forward to one day calling in a big Tom and learning the art of turkey hunting.