Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm a chicken when it comes to turkeys.

It's turkey season here in Washington, and the outdoor network of writers is a buzz with turkey talk.

I took a drive up from my house a few days before turkey season and saw one the biggest Toms of my life. It just stood there waiting for me to shoot it. Since it was not turkey season I of course let it strut into the brush with it's harem of hens.

Now that it is turkey season I have yet to buy a license. I am afraid of wasting my time chasing ghosts, I have never before gone out and actually hunted for turkeys. I know, I know its not about the kill just getting out into the outdoors is what matters.

Well I think next year will be the year. I might go out with a friend this year and watch him hunt maybe try to film it. But the turkey tag is just not in the budget this year. But I do look forward to one day calling in a big Tom and learning the art of turkey hunting.


  1. I can sympathize with you on this. I have lots of turkey country around me, and on occasion while driving I will see them. But I have not pursued them. I have decoys, and I have a box call. I have never scouted any to see where they hang out. My two oldest are finally old enough to hunt though so that may push me into it. It's bear season now, so maybe this will allow me to get a feel for where they are while I'm out, then make a commitment to go after them. I think it just takes that first time, and getting into them to get a person going. I know there are some hardcore turkey fanatics out there that love doing it.

  2. This was my second year turkey hunting and got my first Tom. Was an amazing feeling. Last year, I did a ton of hunting and got into a lot of birds but never bagged one. This year, I got my first bird on the first day of the season. Went out a few more times (bought a 2nd tag) but never had as much luck. As the season got closer to ending, I put off going out more. I think from now on I will stick with one tag. Hope you give it a shot next year!