Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring food plots

So I bought a bag of throw and grow off of Amazon. I had different ideas of where I wanted to plant it. I have two other plots one of timothy grass and one a wildlife mix of grasses and other plants.

The trow and grow says you don't have to disc your soil for it to work. I decided to disc it anyway just for best results. I pull this old discing system with my old jeep, works great. I decided to plant it on the side of my property where I already have irrigation sprinklers to water. I also picked a spot like my other plots that you can see from the house

Since there is a 60 acre alfalfa field next door I am trying convince the deer to come to my property because I have better food than alfalfa.

I also decided to plant now because we are expecting some rain which will help grow the new seeds of clover, brassica and rye grass.

We just saw our first buck of the year last night running through the alfalfa with small velvet spikes, which I hope turn into a large 5X5.

I still have one more plot to plant. I normally plant sun flowers for the birds but I can't decide what to do this year.

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