Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lets get some traffic

So OBN is great, right? They allow us to be apart of a bigger community rather than going at it all alone. My wife over at Down by the Creek has groups she posts on and receives tons of traffic. I surpassed 91 hits in a day - the most I have ever received in a single day. I have an idea but it will take everyone for it to work. If everyone participates then it will benefit everyone.

Here's my idea: I will come up with some type of a prompt, whether it be a photo prompt, writing prompt or maybe a recipe prompt. Whichever I pick, anyone who wants to participate will follow accordingly and link their post to mine. The following Wednesday I will choose my favorite post. That Friday the blogger who wrote my favorite post will choose a prompt for us all to blog about. The Wednesday after, they will chose the post they like the best, and that person will do a prompt, and so on. I hope you get the pattern. I just think this will be one more way to get people to everyones great blogs.I am going to start my idea on Friday March 4th.

So I hope to see you all back on Friday the 4th, and I look forward to seeing everyones posts!

1 comment:

  1. Hey hey! I think that's a great idea! I'll try to keep up but I can't promise anything - I am so strung out right now I don't know if I'm heads or tails ( do you know? )

    But what a great idea!