Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: women's hunting jacket & pants

Hi there, its Farming Mama here! Its been a few months since I have guest posted over here at R-Dub Outdoors, and it has been a busy time for us! I'd like to share my review of the Medalist huntgear max jacket & pants that Rory got me last fall for a birthday/hunting season present. I've worn them occasionally since the fall, mostly for hunting or winter hikes, but more recently I've been for the rainy spring weather we've been having.

You might be asking yourself, but isn't it summer? I mean it's June there, isn't it? Well, you are right... but our weather apparently hasn't gotten the memo, and its been chilly and rainy off and on. In fact Rory had the wood stove going one day late last week when I got home from work! It has been getting warmer slowly though, and when the sun comes out, it does get nice and warm, so I'm sure summer will be here to stay soon.

At least I've been able to make good use of my rain gear though, and with trip planning for our Alaska vacation getting into the final stages (2 sleeps until we are there!), the reminder that I have great rain gear has been good, because the forecast up there is looking mighty wet for our trip!

So down to the nitty-gritty. Let's talk about the pants first. They are Medalist huntgear max women's small with silvermax scent elimination technology. They have a double snap & zipper closure at the waist, and the waist is elasticized, with an inside row of grabby rubber to keep them up or to keep things tucked in. That is definitely handy to keep out drafts, and I imagine it would be great in really buggy areas too.  There are 2 side slash pockets, a bum pocket with magnet closure, and 2 magnet closure cargo pockets one of which has an inner hidden zipper pocket. They also have calf length side zips. I can't say I've used the side zips, but the pockets are pretty great! If the jacket had less pocket space I would likely use the pant pockets more, but typically I just use them for my gloves or keys or a couple loose shells.

Things I like about the pants: how waterproof they are, how warm they are in cold weather, how they are the right length for my short (5'3") self, and how they stay snapped at the waist! Things I don't like: how the waist seems smaller than it should given the width of the legs - I guess I should have a thinner waist for the size of my hips or bum? :) And on hot days I don't like how warm & sticky I get in them! They are definitely better for cold wet days.

Now for the jacket, which quickly became my all time favorite hunting jacket. Easy to predict as it is the first one that is fully mine, not one or Rory's that I borrow, but I definitely wouldn't be recommending it if I didn't really truly like it! It is a Medalion huntgear max women's small with silvermax scent elimination technology.

Late last week we went up to cut wood, and before we left the house we did a walk around the property to check on our gardens and get the dogs out for a run around before we got in the truck. I had Maddycakes on my back, so I didn't put the jacket on, just the pants. It seemed sort of miserable out, spitting rain a bit, damp feel to the air, etc. I was debating whether we should even go cut wood, but then gave in since Rory really wanted to. I of course grabbed my jacket and put it on when we headed up to the woods, and man did I ever notice a difference. With the jacket on, it was rainy out, sure, but I didn't feel like it was a cold clammy miserable evening. I was warm and toasty in my jacket, I stayed dry, and life was great!

So the details. The jacket has a good hood, although when I have my hair back in a bun with my toque (American translation - stocking cap) pulled on, the hood could be a bit deeper to come right over my forehead. I'm likely being overly picky, I am rather particular about my hoods. It does the job though. The sleeves are a great length, and have velcro tighteners on them that I haven't used apart from setting the cuff size to a comfortable size for me. The pockets, though, the pockets! They are awesome. Plenty of room to have loads of rocks for sending the dogs after downed ducks. Room for spent shells, different types of shells, some snacks, gloves, you name it, if you want to fit it in your pockets, there is room. There are 4 pockets on the front of the jacket, 2 behind the others. There are zippered, slightly hidden pockets that are like hand warmer pockets, and then in front of them are the top opening, magnet closing pockets that have so much room for rocks & shells (yeah, were there still a pile of rocks & shells from the fall in mine? yup). There is also a small zippered pocket on the back of the jacket, which I haven't ever used. I would have to say, the magnet closing feature on the jacket & pants pockets is likely what made me fall in love with them right out of the box. I love the magnets!

Well, that's my thoughts on the jacket & pants. Rory ordered them from Cabella's online (likely why he mistakenly got 2 different camo patterns, not that I notice), and they came pretty quickly, we are big fan's of Cabella's in this house!

We're almost packed (we fly out of Seattle Tuesday morning) anyone else been busy packing for an exciting trip? Or have a great women's hunting jacket you want to tell me about?

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