Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Havalon Knives the best new knife on the market

In early fall I was working and walking around Winthrop, Wa and I went into a store called The Outdoorsman and I spoke with the owner who showed me this new knife by Havalon Knives. This is a scalpel knife with replaceable blades.

When you buy this knife you get 12 replacement blades. All the blades are as sharp as any surgical blade, individually packaged and 100% sterile. When the blade your using gets dull pull the blade off and put another one on. The knifes and blades come in many different shapes and styles.

I bought a plastic model which is extremely light weight. I received 12 of the normal pointed (60) blades with the knifes as well. This year I skinned a deer, a cougar and cleaned several ducks, geese, grouse and chickens with the knife only using 4 blades.

I went back to buy the gutting (XT) blade that has a rounded tip on it to open big game without the mess and stink of cutting the gut sack.

 This is the sharpest knife I have ever owned and I would recommend this knife for anyone who needs to clean any animal. They also come in larger filet knife models for fish.


  1. i think i need to send you a spyderco knife rory ...

    - 'scoob' scobie

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