Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When good Sledding goes bad

Well my wife is gone at a conference and Grammy Maddy and I are home. I am supposed to be working but I am home sick with a head cold and Grammy is here helping with Maddy.

I decided to take a break from the couch and go out side with Maddy and Grammy so I can watch Maddy go sledding. After she found out how much fun it was to go head first I went and got the camera. Of course she didn't want to go head first when the camera was out. So she gets on the sled and Grammy pushes her down the hill like the other 100 times. But as the pics will show this one did not turn out as well.

The good luck Green head curly feathers I put in her hat didn't work I guess.


  1. opps ...

    good to be young as these little bumps are not a deal. after 40 that changes.

    - scoob

  2. Great pics, your kid is going to love them when she gets older.

  3. ya, I think she will, I will save them for her wedding day lol