Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nature Balance Wellness - Bug Balm

So Nature Balance Wellness (NBW) contacted me and wanted me to test out their Bug Balm. Since it is fishing season and mosquitoes are very prevalent in my area I took the opportunity to test it out.

Once I got it in the mail a week or later from Ontario, Canada. The first thing I notice on the label is that it is 100% organic and has no animal products. 

When I opened the box I found a Glue stick like applicator. When I used it for the first time in my house the first thing my Wife and I noticed was the smell. It's not a bad smell just a very strong piney smell. You do get used to it after a few minutes but it is very pungent.

When I put it on it is kind of greasy but it does rub into the skin.

The next weekend I attempted to go camping with my family. When we arrived to the camp spot we were greeted by one billion of our closest  friends.  The mosquitoes were swarming the truck by the hundreds.  I looked at my wife and two and a half year old daughter and was like well the lake house is only 3.5 hours away lets go. But first I thought I would test out the NBW Bug Balm. I was in shorts and and long sleeve shirt. Before I put the balm on I was killing four to five mosquitoes every slap of the legs or face and I did recived a few bites on my legs.  After I got the balm on the mosquitoes wouldn't land on the areas that had it on. Just a couple rubs of the balm stick and then rubbing it into the skin was all that was needed. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!! 

 I never felt the itching of the bites.

A few mosquitoes landed on my hands with the balm on but immediately left once they touched down. Every where I didn't have the balm the mosquitoes would try to get in IE my nostrils and up my shorts (NOT FUN)

I will use this product when ever I am in mosquito infested areas if i have to be there.

These are the downsides, If you leave the balm in the truck on a hot day it will melt like chap stick making it harder to use.  The smell is a little strong, I would not recommend to any archery hunter who needs to get close to game.

My tips to the NBW, if you want to sell to hunters and outdoors-men then change the labels, make it more rugged looking and leave out the part of it being vegan. Put it in a better applicator making it easier to use. If possible try to tone down the smell a bit.

Over all I think this is a great product, So good that I want to give one away on this page. If you want to try this 100% free like R-DUB Outdoors on Facebook and post a comment below saying you did so. On August 15th I will do a random number generator to pick the winner and will send you your very own stick of this product.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from NBW. These are my opinions and mine only. I was not paid and gave my truthful opinion.

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