Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HIgh hunt scouting

So this year I am doing the Washington State modern firearm high hunt. This is a one week hunt were you can hike into a wilderness area and hunt for mule deer a month earlier than the general season. You don't need a special draw permit your general tag will do.

 I am going to hike into the Pasayten Wilderness.   The Pasayten Wilderness is 530,000 acres of wild land were no motor vehicle or wheeled vehicle is allowed to access. The only way in is to hike in or by horse back. I will be going in on the Andrews Creek trail head on foot. I have never been to this area before and finding a place to hunt and camp for 3 nights at over 7,000 feet will definitely be an adventure.

I along with a friend who knows the area drove to a high spot on the opposite side of the canyon. I wanted him to point out to me where I would have the best odds.

As we drove to around 5000 feet we found an open area along the road filled with wild raspberries. So of course we stopped and ate a bunch of them. I also used a water canteen to take some home for the wife.

We got to the top and my friend pointed out the drainage I should walk up. the idea was the trail will get me higher than other trails without me having to walk up a face of a mountainside.  I understand at this point regardless of what I do I am going to be gaining some serious elevation. 

After we look from above we drove down to the trail head and where I would be parking my vehicle to hike in. It is a beautiful area with mountain streams and lakes. I will be brings a fishing pole just in case I don't get a deer way up high on my first two days I will hike out the third and fish along the way home just as a back up plan.

I am excited for this hunt. I am planning on hiking into the area where I am going to hunt next week for another day trip scouting expedition.  Although this one will be by myself at this point. I plan to bring some salt licks with me to place in the area I plan on hunting.  Rumor has it the high country deer are very mineral starved. So i figure if i give them some easy place to get their minerals, I will then give my self an easy spot to shoot a deer.

I hope to have an updated post about my day hike in next week.  

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