Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walking Varminter Project

The old heavy gun
I am tired of packing my heavy bull barreled varmint guns.   I love them for their insane accuracy, non-existent recoil, and dozen round capability.  I hate them for their poor balance, speed of movement, and heavy log weight.  I have been debating it and now is as good a time as any to buy a new gun.  I know the coyotes are hooking up and by the time I get it done it will be spring.  I promise I will show a picture of the first varmint killed with this gun but it may not be a coyote.

I wanted an easily available commercial round from a factory production gun in a 22 center fire cartridge.  It has to be 22 cal or I can’t use it during the big game season in Washington.   I would have preferred a 6mm caliber but it is not an option this time.  The gun must be Stainless Steel with a synthetic stock.   I am a velocity freak within my budget so the obvious choice is a 220 Swift.  Well heck I can’t find a Stainless 220 Swift, so I must go to the next obvious choice a 22-250.  I have one 22-250 that shoots in the high 1’s to low 2’s so I know this cartridge is accurate and fast. 

I call my local dealer and put together a “Group Buy” to get a discount.   You should put together a group buy with your favorite gun shop and save a lot of cash.  If your dealer won’t do a group buy I would find a new shop.   I order up the brand with consistently the most accurate rifle not specifically factory sorted available.  Yes, you got it right a SAVAGE in the 116 model.  The 112 is the most accurate…but it is still a Savage. I am telling you if you want a stock rifle that shoots super accurately then buy a Savage.  You can save some money by buying a Stevens…same rifle with the old trigger and stock system from Savage.  I have one old style Savage trigger set at 18oz….and the safety works!!  I don’t want to get in a debate because there are some great rifles out there.  My most accurate big game rifle is a totally stock Browning, but no one builds accuracy into every rifle like Savage. 

My rifle is in and I will pick it up next week.   I will walk you through the entire process I use with every rifle I have.  (I know it is only two, but I do this every time.)  I will cover everything from barrel break in to lube choice.  Just my opinions and experiences, and I hope I can help you save time and un-needed expenses.   Stay Tuned


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