Friday, January 20, 2012

Maturing of a growing hunter Part 1 (Before memories)

Before Memories

Although I don't remember my first trips hunting with my family, I value that my Dad and other family members made it possible for me to come at such a young age. I am a firm believer that the earlier someone is introduced to hunting the stronger their love for the out doors will be.  My family made the correct steps to set me up for success as a future outdoorsman, and I am thankful to all them.

My Dad and I in duck camp 1984

Part 2 (5 Years Old)

Part 3 (10 Years Old)

The plan is to show the natural progression a hunter takes as they mature, through the stories and memories in my head. From the very begining to the unforseen future.  I hope others can relate.

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  1. i remember those early 80s trips. :-)