Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maturing of a growing hunter part 6 (19 Years Old)

 It was October and I just turned 19, I was also living away from home at college. I picked my college because it was in a good hunting and fishing location and had the courses I wanted to take.

At freshman orientation I chose classes that started at 7:30am and got over for the day at 10:30am, This way I had everyday to be in the outdoors hunting or fishing.

At first each day I would head out with my gun and scout places to hunt. I looked at private property and public land. Finally I settled into a few good spots that all had ducks, quail and pheasants.

I was in heaven, I was used to only really hunting in September for grouse and October for ducks. Now I was getting to utilize 100% of the hunting seasons.  I started the hunting year when it was 80 degrees out and finished the year at -10 degrees.

Most of the hunting I did was by myself with my first dog Sage a German Wire Haired pointer. I had a lot of frustration with learning how to train a dog while in college. But we taught each other a lot and we were a great team.
Sages first duck.

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