Monday, January 28, 2013

A Weekend of Steelheading

I have not been out much lately for Steelhead.  With the closure it seems to have turned off client interest.   They closed the Methow River and Columbia River near the mouth of the Methow.  Every thing else has remained open.   Unfortunately when people hear the Methow is closed they think Easter Washington Steelhead is closed.   The other waters in our area are still open including the Columbia and Okanogan River.  Sure I would love to be out every day with clients, but having some time off to get other things done has its benefits.

One of my buddies called Wednesday to “chat”.  He says he has weekends off for a month, and tentatively asks when I might have an open day to fish.  Normally all my buddies have to wait or schedule a ways out.  I instantly reply Friday is out, but how about Saturday and Sunday?  A brief pause and then he replied back “I’ll see you Friday night!”.  He tells me I have all my own gear now, so you don’t have to bring me anything.  Ok…sure I’m still bringing two BIG EYE rods, two stock spinning rods and a troller.  

Saturday morning he doesn’t ask anything other then what color I’m going to use.   I tell him and he replies back with what he will use.   I’m thinking…well ok if you say so, but I am going to kick your butt today.  Yes, FISHING IS A CONTEST and it is not EVERYBODY GETS A RIBBON DAY.   The first two areas were blanks.  We move around some and I miss a bite or two.  Finally around 10am I hook and land the first fish.   I hook and lose one, and then hook and land a keeper.   That would be every bite and fish for Ron with buddy zippo.   Oh yeah I am reminding him, and he has tried probably 5 different set ups.   My buddy gets his one fish for the day, and we end with 3 boated, 2 keepers and 2 lost.   For me lost means it’s hooked, you get to see it, and it comes undone before it’s in the net.  Swing and a miss doesn’t count for lost. 

Sunday we start where we caught fish the day before and skip the blank holes.   My friend finally asks as we are getting ready for the first drift “What do you think I should use”.   I point it out to him telling him “That is a fish catcher for sure”.  He rigs up and BANG not 20 yards later he has a nice fish on.   Fights it all the way to the boat and it is an un-clipped so it goes back.  I get ready to net it and as he lifts to bring it to the top…BINK…there goes about a 7lb hen.  BAHAHAHAAA…he lost his fish to a line break with the best lure he had.   Yes, I am laughing out loud at him and telling him how he is an idiot.   I look at the line ask him what it is…and then tell him to cut the crap off and tie up like I was.   He re-rigs up and we have a decent day ending with 5 boated, 1 keeper, and 3 lost.  Oh..Yes I out fished him again 3 to 2, so he bought the Fireball and Apple Juice.   

-Ron Oules           

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  1. That sounds like an awesome couple of days, and a great contest!

    1. It is a lot of fun fishing and spending time with friends. All the buddies get together a few times a year for fishing weekend contests. We trade off areas and it is a blast. Even when fishing with clients they get into the competitive situation with their friends. I just get to sit back and needle them and laugh. Make no mistake life is a contest and not everyone is a winner...nor should they be.
      Taking some kids this you a trip....the competition starts before the first line gets wet.

  2. Losing a fish at the boat is always tough- a line break is even worse!