Friday, December 30, 2011

Remington Sportsman model 341 restoration

So my grandfather gave me his Remington Sportsman Model 341 in .22 caliber a few years ago. He told me that he bought it when he was in his teens back in the 30's.

There is a big crack going down the stock. I asked my grandfather how it got cracked and he told me that the man who owned it before him hit a coyote over the head with it and cracked it.  There  has been some wood and metal plugs put in it to hold together.

The barrel has some rust on it, due to not being used in the last 50 years and it being in Seattle with all the moisture in the air.

The gun came with a W.R. Weaver model 344 rifle scope, which also has some rust spots. Although the lenses are clear.

My goal is to restore the gun, while still keeping the character and stories. I hope to share this process while it is being completed.   

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