Friday, December 30, 2011

Spyderco Native Knife

I received this beautiful Spyderco Native Knife from a friend. He read my post on Havalon Knives and insisted that Spyderco makes a better knife. So I decided to put it to the test.

I got up early one morning and went down to the local duck hunting spot. After an hour or so I came back home with a mallard drake and a green wing teal drake. (This day was not my best day shooting) I cleaned both birds with ease. The short and very sharp blade makes it easy to maneuver while getting into the hard to reach areas .

After I was done with the two ducks since this knife made it so easy I decided to go clean three chickens, which needed to be done anyway but I had been procrastinating. Again no problems, even on the last 5th bird of the day. 

I am very happy so far with this knife. I look forward to using it in other situations that presents themselves around the house and in the outdoors.

Other features I like are the easy opening with my thumb with the thumb hole on the blad, as well as the durable construction. I also always support things made 100% in the USA.

Since I am in Law Enforcement this will also become my everyday carry knife. This knife is a great knife to have in any situation.  It is impossible to compare to the Spyderco Knife with the Havalon Knife because the Havalon is used for a specific job. If I had to choose to have a knife to have in an unknown situation it would be the Spyderco Native.

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