Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wildest Places

This is a writing prompt by OBN.

I believe the wildest place I go to be in the outdoors in Cut Throat lake in the north cascades of Washington State. This lake provides great lake fishing for cut throat trout. Last time I was up there, my wife and I rode our bikes up there from the trail head at HWY 20. O, did I mention my wife was 4 months pregnat. Anyway we rode up there with our dogs in late July and really enjoyed our selves. It was great seeing all the fish swimming in the crystal clear water.   After walking around most of the lake and going for a swim in the creek draining off of the lake we decided to head back down the trail.

Remi going for a swim

In the early fall of 2012 I am planning on doing a early rifle deer hunt in Washington State called the High Hunt. Where you have to be hunting in a high altitude wilderness area. I am planning on going into the pasayte wilderness which I hear is very wild. Anyway I will keep this blog updated on that trip till it gets here. Stay tuned.


  1. We have high Mountain Lakes like this in Idaho that are so crystal clear one could spend an hour just watching fish cruise by.


  2. Wow, How does this lake fare for waterfowling? I would imagine shallow waters along the pacific flyway would attract a lot of diving ducks around the reeds and the marshy stuff.

  3. Arizona Afield: this lake is at 6000 ft so it is fairly frozen by the time duck hunting comes around. We do really well in our lakes down lower but where I live and hunt we dont shoot diver ducks.

    you can check out our duck hunting on one of my duck hunting posts.