Thursday, December 13, 2012

R-Dub Outdoors Went Green

So the past couple trips down to the duck hunting spot The Runway have only produced a few wigeon or teal each time. It seemed as though three was the lucky number. Although I have not been skunked yet this year, which is good.

  For those of your who don't know Wednesday is my hunting day.  It is a day I have off of work and my daughter goes to daycare which leaves me to do what I want and 99% of the time that is hunting. Wednesday is also good because no one else is out hunting the spots I like to hunt. So I can get up a 8 AM and start the fire for the family feed all the animals and take my time to get to my hunting spot which is only 2 miles from my house.

So I load Remi up in the Jeep and we get going after all the chores are done.  We get into the area of the first jump hole we are going to shoot and I can see a swan looking at me over the top of all the grass and brush.  It is 50/50 when it comes to a swan whether its going to scare early scaring all the ducks as it takes off or if it will just sit there and watch even when all the shooting happens.  I figure the ducks will be close by the swan so I choose to jump that position instead of my normal. As I am sneaking down the trail I can see clear as day a big green head in the water. I freeze and then slide to my right so I can't see it any more behind the brush. I continue to sneak and I like to get to the point of where I think the ducks are about to see me and then run to get as close as possible. I stop and drop the first Green head out of the sky. Now there was only to green heads next to the swan. Where I normally jump about 100 ducks get up. I took a shot at the second green head by the swan and did not bring it down. I was able to turn towards my normal jump hole and pick out a mallard drake that was close enough and I dropped it. Remi did her thing and easily brought back the two Green heads.

I then got to a point where I could see way down the waterway. I thought I could see some movement in the water at about 400 yards down the way. I walked way around and snuck  in to where I thought the birds were. I belly crawled oer a little grassy hill and jumped up......No ducks. Then about 30 yards to my left a group of green heads got up. I was able to get off one shot and dropped one of the drakes.

Now  I had the magical number of ducks 3. I was determined to break out and get at least 4 for the day.  Now there are 4 different blinds on this 3/4 of a mile water channel. Blind one is closest to the river. Blind 2 is about 70 up channel from #1. Blind 3 is about 200 yards further and blind 4 is across the water from blind 3.

The first blind I sat in was #4, while in #4 I could see ducks circling #1 and #2. So I moved down to #1. While in #1 i thought I should move to #2 and as i thought about it a bunch of mallards came and flew right over #2. So I moved to #2. After I got bored there I decided to move back up to #3. Right after I did the ducks swooped into #2. I got to #3 and decided to go home. As I turned my back a group of ducks flew over but didn't come in, so I decided to stay around. A few minutes later a lone green head flew down the channel. As I reached for my gun he flared up and I thought he was gone fr good. He then dropped down into the water about 100 yards up the water way. Remi and I left the blind to put a sneak on this drake. I got above the duck and decided where I was going to attack from. When I got about 30 yards from where I was going to try and take a shot I put Remi in a sit and stay. I belly crawled up to the tree line so I could try and gt a better location on this duck. There he was about 15 yards away but behind some trees. As I got into a better position guess who freaking laid down next to me, my good buddy Remi. I was not very happy that Remi took it upon herself to join me. I looked at the duck and he put his head way up in the air. I was in no position to shoot this duck on the fly. I put my bead right on his head and pulled the trigger. The drake never stood a chance. Remi brought it back up the bank and I rewarded her with some play time.

Four green heads for the day I am happy. That's how we go Green. HAHAHA

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  1. Our Griff is only 6 months old but will do the same, just wants to be by his best friend and help out. Glad you stopped by my blog. My husband and I have been researching a move to Methow and Brewster area, we fell in love with the land and hunting possibilities when we visited a friend who just moved there from Seattle. We are from Seattle (originally) also and currently stationed at Fort Lewis, the soldier my husband in Active Duty Army.

    Look forward to snooping through your blog and perhaps the next time we drive through the valley The Griffons can play. By the way love the picture of your family and out hunting with your daughter on your back.