Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Importance of Gun Safes


Most people I associate with really enjoy talking about hunting and its related equipment.  Discussion topics range from guns, bows, ammo choice, optics, dogs, boots, and everything in between.  The bothersome part for me very seldom is there talk about how to protect all of the hunting gear.   I never once had a person tell me I should buy a safe.  I was in my early 20’s and had just walked out of a gun store with a brand new rifle and scope for $1200.  On the way out I saw a Browning safe sitting by the door on sale for $800 but I didn’t give it much thought. 

I leaned the rifle up against the back wall of the closet next to my only other long gun when I got home.  Then it hit me right in the ear just like my dad did when I was a kid.  I could hear his voice very clearly “What in the hell were you thinking?!” after I had done something utterly beyond stupid.  I realized, in 10 seconds with one grab some POS (Parasitic Opportunistic Soul) could take my new $1200 gun and my old $20 gun.  I called the shop and put the safe on hold before I could talk myself out of it.   Without a doubt that gun safe was the best sporting goods purchase I have ever made.  The more I age (not grow up) the more I realize the huge benefit of a gun safe.

I am talking about a real gun safe not a tin box with a 10 cent lock that weighs 10lbs.   The heavier the better, and if it takes 4-5 guys to move that is good.  When you have to bribe more with Beer and BBQ to get them to show up is an even better safe.  I would also encourage you to buy a fire resistant safe.  Always remember the largest size and longest fire rating you CAN NOT afford.  I am tight with my money like crazy tight, but if I buy something I buy value and quality.   I don’t care what it is, quality costs more - but that does not mean value costs more.  I’m telling you to spend more then you really want to on a gun safe.  A safe would be the only thing I would suggest anyone to spend more then they really wanted.  Do your research and it is all about the steel…the more the better and the same for the fire rating make sure it is UL or other “Officially” rated.    

The good safes really work and protect everything in them.   Make sure you bolt the safe to the floor if possible and preferably concrete.  Yes the POS’s can and will take the entire safe if they can tip it over.  You can put anything of value in them from papers to photographs.   Luckily you can also deduct them off from your taxes.   Just make sure the receipt says safe or home security safe not “Gun Safe”.  Don’t think just because you spent $2000 you will get an additional 2K back.  It is a DEDUCTION not a refund, but every penny of your income you can get back before it is given away you should. 

I have witnessed house fires and every time the guns and papers were in great shape if they were in a fire safe.  Don’t worry about if you move…contrary to popular belief it is not that hard to move the safe or safes with you.   I have moved twice and it is not that big of a deal.  Besides, there is Beer and BBQ on both sides of the move for your buddies and you. 

A couple things to consider are if the safe is rated to hold 50 guns it won’t.   The only way possible to get any safe I know to hold the rated guns are to have them banging into each other.  I would also suggest a “U” shaped storage rack for at least half of it.   This allows you to use your guns frequently without having to remove a bunch of others or bang them into each other getting them out.  I’m into taking care of my two long guns not damaging them in and out of the safe.  Buy a safe instead of a new firearm, and you will realize you should have bought a safe a long time ago. 

That is, unless you don’t have an AR, AK, FN, etc. type rifle and some semi auto handguns with a lot of High Capacity magazines for all of them.  Of course, I would suggest you buy those immediately without hesitation.   Then of course the required ammunition or reloading supplies for said firearms.    Sorry got off topic, but it was worth it.
-Ron Oules

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I think it is important that I purchase a safe in Toronto to keep my guns in.