Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby in the woods

So I just joined the Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN) and they asked people to post photo's of their favorite places in the outdoors on their blog.  My favorite place to be hunting, fishing, etc is anywhere, as long as my daughter is with me enjoying the the outdoors with me. This is a perfect lead in to my review of the REI Piggy Back backpack, which lets both my daughter and I enjoy our time outdoors.

I use this pack whenever I take my one year old daughter into the woods with me.  It fits me well and I feel my daughter is secure in the backpack. The pack is well padded so you don't have any hard spots digging into your shoulders or back. My daughter loves to be back there looking around to see where we are going. I like the fact that it has a little kick stand for when the pack is on the ground to give it more stability.  The pack itself  is lightweight and easy to load in a trunk or back seat of a vehicle.

The only downsides of the pack are my daughter sits very high so when walking through trees I have to worry about branches that are over my head hitting her. Also there are lightly padded posts that sit at head height in front of my daughter that I could see being uncomfortable if she falls asleep and her head falls forward.

I would recomend this backpack to anyone who loves the outdoors and has a small child . I have used this backpack for hunting and fishing (including fly fishing) with my daughter on my back.


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  2. Rory,

    How about a piece of float tube across the front? Or even that foam pipe wrap they sell at HD, Lowes, and Ace!

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