Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do we need more quality waters?

I was reading a fishing forum and I came upon an interesting debate. Do we need more quality waters? Are there too many "dunk your junk" "fished out in two weeks" lakes around and should state F&G set aside more waters for quality fishing. Like fly fishing only or select gear rules (single barbless hook & no bait)  or single fish limit lakes.

I know from experience that the lakes that have fish released into them for the masses are fun for about a week or two till everyone with their power bait comes and fish's them out. I also know that going to a quality lake with big fish and strict regulations also makes for a great day all year round, but makes it harder to fish for someone with little experience.

I do see a need for both, but should one take presidence over another? Should it be up to state F&G to decide, and if so how do we tell them so they will take it seriously?

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