Saturday, January 15, 2011


Everlite Solar Clip LightSo for my birthday I recieved a gift certificate to REI. It was $30, so the expensive items weren't really an option. As I was shopping online I came upon a solar powered light that attaches to the brim of your baseball cap.  It's called the EverLite. It has three LED lights that light up the night pretty well.  It makes it easy to go find something in your truck at night or walk from point A to point B in low light situations. I would not recomend it to someone who is trying to be covert, it makes you stand out. It is easy to take on and off your hat and also has an easy on off button. I would recomend this light to anyone who normally uses a headlamp that straps around your head. It puts out more light and is less bulky. 

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