Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter walk

So today I went on a short snowshoe hike. Weather conditions were 19F degrees and lightly snowing. I focussed on my clothing, the Columbia grouse 3 pants, hot chilly base layer for my legs and a Paradox upper base layer.

I was hiking in scrub land with about two feet of snow on the ground.

I originally bought my Columbia grouse three pants for upland bird hunting. I have been pleased with them since I bought them. I started using them as a utility pant. Everything I did outside I used these pants to do. They work great for in the snow. I would not recommend them for multiple day use in the snow unless you have somewhere to dry them out each night. They are water resistant not water proof. They are the kind of pants you wear all day in the snow and don't realize they are wet till you go and take them off. They also keep the snow out of my boots. They have cinch straps on both sides of the waist. Unlike other pants I have used with the same kind of straps they don't loosen up right after you tighten them, which is nice.
Columbia Men's Grouse III Pant,Flax,34x32

My hot chilly lower base layer I use all the time for work and play. They definatly help keep the warm in and cold out. The other day I went for a walk from my house without them under my pants and I could really notice a difference not having them on. Some other lower base layers come with zippers at the ankles which works good if you're putting them on over shoes. The hot chillys don't have a zipper which is nice to me because when I put my boots on, whether my hiking boots or ski boots I never have a small little pain digging into my calf .
Hot Chillys Men's Peach Fly Bottom (Black, Large)

The Paradox upper base layer works great too, it was the only layer I had on under my jacket and stayed warm the whole time. It had a 3/4 on the collar so if I get to hot and start sweating I can zip it down to let the heat out and the cold in. Because we all know that sweating in cold weather is bad.

With everything I had on even when I was basically covered in snow I stayed warm.

If your wondering why I would be covered in snow it's because like to hide from my dogs and make them find me. So when they get to far a head of me I find a big bush and dive into the snow at the base. With the gear I used I stay warm.

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