Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shoe chains for Mama

My wife FarmingMama at wrote a guest review of her new IceTrekkers shoe chains for me:

I never saw the attraction of shoe chains (basically dumbed down crampons) until walking on icy roads with 3 dogs and a one year old. I have a size 7.5 shoe, generally, and purchased the medium, as recommended for womens shoe sizes ranging from 7.5-10. The first time I put them on my low-cut uninsulated hiking shoes I wasn't sure they would go on. After putting them on and taking them off several times, I find them much easier to work with. I have taken them off while wearing the shoes, and found it quite easy.

I have gone on several walks with them, and have worn them to work. I find it easy to drive while wearing them, and change into slippers at the office. I love having them on while navigating the icy sidewalk and parking lot while getting from the truck to the office. I would definitely feel comfortable going for a run wearing them on my running shoes, and while hiking on the dirt road at home find myself feeling quite confident in them, even while wearing our one year old daughter.

The first time I had them out I had her on my front and was very secure in my footing, meanwhile papa and the dogs were sliding all over the road (mostly) on purpose. At around 45 with shipping and tax, they aren't the cheapest shoe chains on the market, but they seem very durable and I feel that the extra sharp cleats underneath provide better traction than just having small chains that you get with the cheaper types. They are definitely a must-have in my winter outdoor gear pile!

If you want a pair for yourself follow the link below.

ICETrekkers Shoe Diamond Grip (1 Pair), Medium

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