Monday, February 7, 2011

Action packers

Many years ago my family (Dad and older brother) bought rubbermade action-packers. We used them for carrying shotgun shells, clothes, food, and camp dishes.

Over a month ago on a trip to Seattle my lovely wife said she hated how the back seat of the truck was always packed with gear and bags leaving no room for dogs in the cab. We do not have a canopy and we had no way to protect our gear from the weather apart from having it in the cab with us. So I told her about action packers. Being the good and smart one of the family my wife had two on our door step in two weeks.

This past weekend we again went to Seattle which is a four hour drive over two mountain passes for us. The weather was ugly and the two action packers were out in the weather full of clothes, baby toys, sleeping bags and other random stuff we need. The two boxs stayed water tight there and back in the rain.

We have two boxes and they fit great side by side in the short bed of my truck - they stack with ease and strap down with little effort. They come in many different sizes and a few different color options. Their durability is among the best I have ever seen with plastic boxes. The boxes my dad and brother bought all those years ago are still being used to this day. I know I have had other plastic boxes that crack and break. These action packers can stand what ever you put them through and I highly recommend them, but only if you want boxes that you won't have to replace every year!

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  1. Hello, Rory, you are sure right about the Action Packers. I have one good sized one that is kind of a catch all for lots of extra fishing gear, and, a smaller one for just day trips. Everything fits just great for a trip to the stream in the back of fish mobile.