Thursday, February 3, 2011

Funny story

So in a few weeks my older brother is coming with his wife and their two kids. Our main goal besides spending family time is to take them ice fishing for their first time.

I called my brother on unrelated business and he asked is there somewhere I can get information on ice fishing.

I didn't really know what he meant.

Remi helping carry the ice
He then asked "I mean you don't go in the middle of the lake, right?"

I laughed so hard and told him the ice is 18 inches thick I think we will be ok.

It will be a story that sticks with me forever.

And of course I can't wait to take my big brother and his family ice fishing for the first time.


  1. first timers are almost always a blast:)

  2. good luck with the Newbies!
    Nothing like getting some new people out on the ice for an adventure. Hope to see some pictures.

  3. Oh that's too funny! Have a great time out there and good luck to you all!