Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The bloggers

Since starting blogging about a month ago I have "met" some really great people. I have yet to meet any of them in person. I have felt so welcomed into the outdoor writing community since starting this hobby. If I had a chance to meet any of them it would be a great thing.

First off there is Mike Adams, he writes Up North Journal. He has been so helpful to me as I have been getting started. He has gone as far as speaking with me on the phone to give me great advice. I really encourage you to check out his site.

Antonio from Arizona from the blog fly fishing and bird hunting. It just seems he has some great spots for two of my favorite things - bird hunting and fly fishing.

Lastly the authors of Mouthful of Feathers. The way they write about bird hunting and everything that goes along with it is amazing By far it is my favorite blog in the way it is written.

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