Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slowing Life Down

So today is my only day off this week. It's my fault for volunteering for a couple of overtime shifts. I was sitting at home watching a TV show while my daughter was taking a nap.  The show I was watching was about cattle ranching in Montana. While looking at the scenery there I thought to my self  "wow it would be so beautiful to live there."

Later I was reading a post from Mouthful Of Feathers  that had a picture of an old homested. It reminded me of a picture I took where I go duck hunting about a half hour away from my house.

An old mission school house on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Looking at this picture I realized that it is just as beautiful where I live now. Sometimes I get so busy in everyday life - going to work, trying to keep up my end of the household chores (which I am not the best at) and I forget to slow down and appreciate where I live and what I have.

I started thinking about the area the last picture was taken. How I love hunting there, but how when I am there I need to slow down and take it in better. When my daughter is older I want her to learn to slow down and enjoy the small things. I want her to sit in my lap at this lake (Duley Lake) and have her close her eyes and just listen to the sounds and smell the odors.  Maybe in the far distant future when I am not around she will be able to stop and remember the days when she sat in my lap and still be able to hear the sounds and smell the odors again.

I guess my point is we all have places that we love. Next time you're there just take some time to slow your life down for a few minutes and really take it all in - remember nothing is forever. 

Another stunning view from my living room.


  1. Wow! You really summed it all up in that last paragraph. Well done!

  2. You certainly live in some stunningly beautiful country. I think your post hit it right on the button. Treat your soul!

  3. Thanks for that post! Very true...we must enjoy the small things of life a lot more than we do.